About company

Rincon Agrotech is a professional association of agribusiness companies and experts from differentcountries.


  • More than 20 subsectors of agro-industrial complex in the sphere of competences.
  • More than 30 experts from the field of agribusiness.
  • More than 50 agribusiness projects implemented.


Over 50 completed projects in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia.

Our international team includes professionals who have a long and effective experience in the implementation of agribusiness and food industry projects. Our experts are commercial directors, specialists in the field of breeding livestock and processing of Finished goods, foreign economic activity, logistics and many others.

«Our company’s mission is to assist investors and producers in agricultural and food industries toestablish a reliable and profitable business system. Our clients always receive the most effective setof competencies and solutions that are necessary to achieve their goals»

Konstantin Korneev, CEO Rincon Agrotech

Konstantin Korneev, CEO Rincon Agrotech

Our team

Evgenia Shalikmanova Director of Strategic Marketing
"The successful development of the company in the food market is impossible without a well-developed marketing strategy"
Olga Palenova Head of International Cooperation
"In the face of global climate change, where many countries are facing the threat of hunger, international connectivity is critical"
Krzysztof Smyk Specialist in technological equipment
"The success of an agribusiness project largely depends on the quality of its development parameters in the pre-investment phase and the professional level of the team"

Our experts have experience in implementing projects for