For the state structures and industry associations our company provides services of conducting specialized analytic studies, which covers a wide range of researched areas.

Such projects include studies that comprise the analysis of related/interdependent industries (e.g. complex analysis of grain crops production, taking into account the specifics of its cultivation, storage and transportation conditions, methods of automated control and ??  the effectiveness of various subsidy measures, the dynamics of target export countries’ markets, etc.)

Currently such studies focused on achieving conclusions based on the synthesis of data from various segments of economy/markets receive greater value for the state structures activities, since they help to create effective solutions that take into account the maximum amount of factors which have both direct and indirect influence.

Benefits of our work in this area include:

  1. Research preparation based on real market data
  2. Attracting a broad pool of international experts for conducting researches
  3. Practical applicability of the research findings for agribusiness companies