Supply chain – a system of counterparties involved in the process of selling products to the end consumer (distributors, wholesalers, retail chains, logistics companies).

Key characteristics of supply chains:

  • Cost of maintenance
  • Number of links from the manufacturer to the end customer.
  • Characteristics of supply chains in a particular enterprise directly affect the marginality of the enterprise and the demand for its products.

Audit of commercial terms and supply chains would be of a great use, if:

  • You are not satisfied with the existing commercial terms with network clients
  • You are willing to compare the volume of sales of your products by different clients (chain stores/ networks/chains, distributors in various regions), as well as your work conditions with work conditions of your competitors.
  • You are in need of analyzing the market conditions of work before a new product release.
  • You are in need of objective data to prepare a project model.

Supply chain audit includes:

  1. Assessment of logistic system and the costs related to its maintenance.
  2. Assessment of commercial costs and its comparison with peers.
  3. Assessment of maintenance costs of distribution network.
  4. Volume of marketing costs for specific clients’ groups (including network/chains).
  5. Defining the target loss/returns rates for different client’s groups.
  6. Assessment of the acceptable level of penalties by various groups of clients.

Why should we be entrusted with the supply chain audit?

  • We have many years of experience in the audit of the food category (FMCG).
  • We work with both open and confidential sources of information, therefore we guarantee the reliability and relevance of the data.
  • We treat your financial and time resources with respect and care, and conduct audit only for those regions and sales channels which are requested by you.
  • We attract sales and retail chains professionals specifically in your market segment for each audit.

The audit of the supply chain will result in:

  • document ready for use in ongoing commercial activities
  • basis for the preparation of business proposals for specific customers
  • ready-made recommendations for improving the commercial conditions of your existing contracts