Efficient and well-functioning sales system is a necessary condition for the products sales through retail chains, which quite often impose high requirements on suppliers. Audit of sales system allows not only to assess the efficiency of its organization but also to compare it to other leading supplier companies.

You can assign to us:

  • evaluation of cooperation between sales departments and affiliated divisions;
  • evaluation of the sales stuff qualifications;
  • analysis of the company’s efficiency in terms of key sales channels;
  • Diagnostics of the company’s sales compliance with market requirements and key clients.

Our audits:

  • are conducted only by professionals with relevant work experience in the sales field;
  • are participated by specialists with the work experience in retails chains, which allows to reliably assess the compliance of sales system with the retails chain’s requirements;
  • help to significantly save the costs and timings due to proven audit techniques.

Based on the results of the audit you will be able to:

  • assess the overall efficiency of the sales system in your company;
  • analyse the cooperation system between company’s departments;
  • improve the motivation system for sales stuff;
  • eliminate bottlenecks in sales;
  • increase the efficiency of sales departments and maximize sales.