Business model of an agricultural project is a conceptual description of interrelated business processes, which shows what and how the company produces, to whom and how it sells finished goods, and how the company benefits from it.

Development of a business model for an agricultural project helps with:

  • Conducting an analysis of organizing business processes, redefining their compliance with the company’s strategic goals and bottlenecks that may negatively affect the stable functioning of the enterprise in future periods of time;
  • Conducting an analysis, development and/or adjustment of quality management system implemented at the enterprise, which further helps to provide transparency and stability of production quality and products supply;
  • Optimizing the processes of agricultural enterprise aiming to improve the efficiency;
  • Digitalization of agriproject using modern information technologies.

For development of a business model for a new agricultural enterprise, it is necessary first to conduct:

  • Analysis of specific features of consumer demands for enterprise products and the company’s work specifics in the selected market;
  • SWOT-analysis – identifying the strong and weak points of an agricultural project, opportunities and threats to further development;
  • Analysis of resources required for establishment of an agricultural enterprise.

For improvement of the business model of a functioning agroindustrial enterprise it is necessary to conduct the following steps:

  • Audit the existing business processes;
  • Define weak points which decrease the work efficiency of an agricultural enterprise;
  • Develop a program of adjustment of existing business processes in order to increase the business profitability.

Our company’ specialists have many years of experience in assisting both already existing and created from scratch agricultural enterprises in various products and consumer segments.