Export of agricultural products is an integral part of the global food goods trade, its development requires in-depth representation of producers in foreign markets, including investment in the trade and production infrastructure of the buyer countries. This allows not only to ensure the stable presence in foreign markets, but also to increase the margin of exports through the supply chain management.

Main scenarios of foreign enterprises investments in the agricultural and food industries include:

  • Deepening of supply chains – investment into trade, logistic and production infrastructure in the countries of export supply.
  • “Test” production – the acquisition of small assets abroad in order to test the local market of to use the export preferences provided by the country where the asset is located.
  • Geographical expansion – the acquisition of assets similar to ones with the main type of activities in other countries

Our team is ready to help with selecting the most efficient model for your company and developing of the new business model, which would help to insert the foreign asset in the existing company’s profile.

The process of business model development includes 4 consecutive steps:

  1. Selection of target export countries
    1. Conducting of marketing researches of foreign markets
    2. Identifying the promising markets for various types of agricultural products
  2. Developing of the presence strategy in target foreign markets
    1. Development of the marketing strategy taking into account market specifics
    2. Adaptation of the marketing enterprise to the foreign markets requirements
  3. Determining the investment scenarios
    1. Selecting the optimal format of presence in the foreign markets
    2. Development of the distribution scenarios
    3. Selecting the objects suitable for investment
  4. Selecting the target object and determining the optimal outline for transaction
    1. Complex audit of investment object
    2. Transaction assistance in acquisition of a foreign asset