As a result of COVID-19 and complication of global geopolitical situation, many agricultural producers have experienced the disruption in trade functioning, including raw material supply, components, spare parts, technological machinery. Such disruptions led not only to the cost and delivery time increase but also affected the physical availability of purchase volumes.

Such situation leads to the fact that producers are facing the need to form the pool of purchases from alternative suppliers and logistic routes.

Our team is ready to help with forming a new procurement strategy in such areas as:

  1. Selecting the new suppliers of raw materials, components, equipment
  2. Forming the new supply chains taking into account specific constraints faced by other companies
  3. Adapting the buyer-company’s range of products to the new suppliers’ range of products

We are also ready to help with the opening of trading companies (specializing in the import of necessary components and export of ready products) in the most suitable jurisdictions: UAE, Hong Kong, Qatar etc. When selecting a jurisdiction, we will also provide the information about:

  • tax regime for the particular country (income tax, VAT, net assets tax) and opportunities to take advantage of special benefits and preferences for trading companies).
  • taxation in the distribution of profits in favour of beneficiaries while financing the company’s activities (loans, capital contribution0.
  • local legislation requirements for the compulsory level of presence and trading company’s activity, rules of tax residency, custom regulation, etc.