Global climate change and the expected increase of population by the middle of 21st century lead to the change in trade and food balance in the world – an increase of the food cost.

In this regard, the digital transformation of industrial agriculture bears enormous potential for sustainable development and productivity increase of agri-business due to the improvement of planning, management and automation.

Digitalization of agricultural projects helps to:

  • Increase crops yields and animal productivity
  • Reduce production costs through the efficient use of resources
  • Reduce the risks associated with the human factor
  • Reduce transaction costs for the sales of agricultural products and increase the traceability of the product supply chain from field to customer
  • Reduce labour shortages by the automation of production processes
  • Provide timely the necessary information to the agricultural enterprise management for decision-making

Key elements of digitalization of industrial agriculture are:

  • Digital database for decision support in industrial agriculture business (digital maps)
  • Production digitalization: “smart” technology and robotics (agricultural equipment and machinery equipped with AI modules, automatic data collection systems: satellites and drones, climate control systems, etc.)
  • Analytical platforms for all industrial agribusiness verticals (forecasting yields, climate risks, etc.)
  • Sales digitalization: full traceability of products from “farm to table”, blockchain-based fixed trade transactions systems, electronic platforms for the sale of agricultural products

Our team will help to select the right digital solution, which will align with the goals of your agricultural company and help increase its efficiency.