We will help you to organize the products supply:

  • to the federal and local retail chains:
  • through the leading distributors;
  • to the B2B and HoReCa clients.

Work in this area includes:

Building of  the “supply chain”:

  • establishment of international and domestic logistic systems to serve all types of sales channels;
  • Creation of a full-fledged trade infrastructure (affiliates, trade representative offices) based on the company’s needs

Establishment of the sales system:

  • Development of company’s commercial policy taking into account work conditions with selected sales channels;
  • Formation and implementation of programs of cooperation with distributors;
  • Development and implementation of effective system of products supply to retail chains;
  • Development and implementation of customer loyalty systems.

Researches and analytics:

  • Determination of capacity and trends of market segments development;
  • Identification and analysis of the competitive environment;
  • Identification of perspective market segments;
  • Analysis of effectiveness of the company’s current range of products;
  • Determination of optimal packaging solutions for both existing and prospective assortments.

Management of marketing policy:

  • Development/adjustment of company’s assortment portfolio;
  • Development/adjustment of company’s brand portfolio;
  • Formation of company’s brands price positioning;
  • Adaptation of foreign brands for the sales in local market;
  • Development and implementation of “unified knowledge system about company and products” both for the company’s employees and customers;
  • Development of merchandising standards;
  • Development and implementation of advertising and trade-marketing programs to promote products.

Benefits of working with us:

Our specialists have many years of work experience with leading retails chains and distributors in different countries, including:

By cooperating with us, you can:

For Russian companies:

  • Reduce financial and time costs of negotiating contracts with retail chains and major distributors;
  • Increase effectiveness of current retail chains contracts;
  • Increase the economic return from the work of the company’s trading divisions;
  • Form the assortment portfolio with a high demand by customers;
  • Optimize marketing (trade-marketing) company’s budget and increase its efficiency.

For foreign companies we offer:

  • Prompt assessment of the possibilities and expediency of entering the Russian market;
  • Organization of full-fledged “products supply chain”: from manufacturers to Russian clients.
  • Opportunity of a prompt and professional start of work with major clients: retails chains and distributors;
  • Opportunity of attracting professionals from the related industries: logistics, foreign economic activity, financial management etc.