This spectrum of services is specifically relevant for the following groups of customers/clients:

  • Agricultural companies willing to increase the efficiency of their work by using industry leading practices
  • Investors/ banks, which are in need of increase of economic return from acquired / credited agricultural enterprises
  • Designing the cluster of activities for the efficiency increase is based on the results of agricultural enterprise’s work comprehensive audit.

In the baseline scenario, the audit and development of efficiency improvement measures are carried out in the following directions:

  • Living conditions for live reindeer (for livestock breeding facilities). Evaluation of achievement of genetic potential (e.g. the extent to which the enterprise achieves the cultivation efficiency indicators required by the genetics suppliers). Comparison of those indicators with the average industry values.
  • Crop cultivation conditions (for crop facilities). Comparison of the efficiency indicators with the average industry values.
  • Ensuring enterprises biosafety (assessment of risks, caused by infection outbreaks, including quarantine, which can lead to a complete shutdown of the assets).
  • Factors of formation of cost of finished products.
  • Conditions for ensuring the safety of products in terms of transport and logistics infrastructure.
  • Terms of commercial and marketing activities.
  • Quality level of general asset management.

All research is carried out by practicing experts in the respective areas where the surveyed agricultural enterprise operates.

On request we can focus our research on those tasks which are of great priority for the specific enterprise.

Furthermore, when developing programs for increasing efficiency, we are basing on the principle of reasonableness of the of the size of the proposed investment, that being said, we correlate the volume and cost of the proposed activities with the capabilities of the enterprise.