We conduct specialized marketing researches of agri-food markets in Russia and foreign countries.

Our researches:

  • Conducted by practicing experts in the required market segment (not “general theorists”)
  • Include up-to-date market data (sales volume, prices, commercial terms/conditions, main competitors etc.)
  • Rely on open and confidential sources of information
  • Represent a ready-to-use product for substantive divisions’ work (finance, sales, etc).

We will conduct:

  • Assessment of the overall situation in the customer’s product segment
  • Assessment of the competitive environment and analysis of the activities of key competitors
  • Analysis of specific sales channels where your products are sold or planned to be sold (chains, distributors, HoReCa, etc.);
  • Assessment of the potential of new products by experts from trade networks and distribution companies
  • Assessment of the brand recognition and its success compared to leaders in the selected category.

As a result, you will get:

  • Comprehensive data for project documentation
  • All necessary information for the development or adjustment of marketing and/or commercial policies
  • Recommendations for the improvement of commercial terms of your ongoing contracts